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Like the others before her, Pomegranate gets a weekly visit to the vet's office for a weigh-in. We do this to socialize the dog to people, watch the weight, and desensitize them to the vet's office and travelling. None of our dogs have shown "White Coat Fear" — in fact, they relish a trip to the vet.

Think about it from your pet's perspective. If you get in the car, you're going to get held firmly, have lights shone in your ears, something shoved up your butt, and ouchie things shoved in through your skin. Not exactly a fun thing. Dogs can grow fearful of cars (oh no, we are going to the vet) and indoor spaces (oh my god, the vet moved to a new place). Our dogs view the vets office as another place where everyone knows their name and comes out to pet them. And they only randomly get poked and prodded — but you get good treats for that!

8 weeks, 5 days: 18.3
9 weeks, 5 days: 20.0
10 weeks, 4 days: 23.6
12 weeks: 26.5
13 weeks: 28.9
14 weeks: 32.6
15 weeks: 35.2
16 weeks, 1 day: 37.6
17 weeks: 39.7
18 weeks: 43.2
19 weeks: 44.5
20 weeks, 1 day: 46.8
21 weeks: 49.9
22 weeks: 52.3
23 weeks: 55.2
24 weeks: 56.6
25 weeks: 60.7