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Pockets came to us in February 2001. She had been surrendered into Aussie Rescue into the custody of Tory Capezza several weeks prior. Her previous owners had exiled her into a concrete run, where she grew bored, overweight, and weak. She chewed rocks to pass the time, wearing down her front teeth and causing slab fractures elsewhere. She developed spondylosis in her middle back, which was acocmpanied by muscle atrophy in the rear. She was a food stealer. She was a food guarder. She was also intact and in prolonged estrus caused by cysts in her ovaries. She was also heartworm positive, for adults (not eggs). They had done damage to her heart and lungs, creating pulmonary hypertension.

According to the vets, she had six months to live. Two years if she were incredibly lucky.

And she was 10 1/2.

While she was 10 1/2 when she entered the rescue program in December 2000, we chose a date six months out from when she came home because it corresponded with the week between Panda's birthday and our wedding anniversary. While June might have been a more appropriate month for her birthday, her birthday was celebrated every August 17th.

more of her story is to come...