Capezza's Pick Your Pockets



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Pockets came to us "pre-named" by her first owners. When she came to our house to live out her days, we contemplated changing her name. After all "Pockets" was her "slave name", and we wanted to free her from her past. The name "Shadow" came to mind quite easily, since she was constantly in a slightly lagged heel position. We knew we had a second dog in the house — she was just impossible to see because of her preferred position.

But then we asked her how she got her name, and it was pretty obvious upon trips to the park. She would go from person to person, poking the coat or jeans pocket where treats might be. There was no sense in confusing this crafty girl by changing her perfect name to one that wouldn't fit quite as well. Plus, it might give people some warning to protect their pockets!

Giving her a formal name wasn't a big priority. Since she allegedly had six months to live and we weren't competing with any of the dogs yet, there was no reason to list her with the AKC. By 2003, we had moved to Minnesota, three dogs in tow. With the ASCA Nationals occuring in September, we decided to give her a registerable name. This one came easy — Capezza's Pick Your Pockets. Capezza was chosen to honor Tory Capezza, who was the ARPH rescue chair for Massachusetts. Pockets was the first dog she placed, and she always loved seeing her. Pick Your Pockets was a pretty easy phrase too. She enjoyed cleaning out my pants pockets after Bison's shows. If there had been any trace of bait left, it was picked clean!

In 2005, she was registered with the AKC under that name formally so she could compete in Rally Obedience.