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Pockets was euthanized on January 27, 2006, due to complications from her spondylosis. We suspected cancer due to a large irregular shaped mass on her underside, as well as the weight-loss she had experienced. A necropsy was conducted at the University of Minnesota. The findings were not surprising, but that she was able to survive with the amount of cancer and physical damage to her system was incredible.

The spondylosis had essentially fused four vertebrae in her mid-back together. She also had adenocarcinoma in the adrenal glands, lungs, and mammary glands.

Here is the email I sent out after she passed:
At 8:30 CT this morning, Pockets was helped to the Rainbow Bridge. She was having extreme problems with mobility and bladder control, along with what appeared to be tics and microseizures. Her weight dropped tremendously these past few months. We also suspect she had a few other health issues catching up to her, and the combination reduced her quality of life below an acceptable threshold.

She proved to be an amazing dog, a shining example of what Rescue is all about. She overcame a lot of health problems, earning the love of all around her. Every vet tech came in to say good-bye to her this morning, and fed her several cookies. If you knew Pockets, you knew how much she enjoyed both the attention and the treats.

She went peacefully and quietly, and hopefully has already found Panda. Knowing her, she's already scoping out Rottweiler boys.

Capezza's Pick Your Pockets RN CGC (ARPH 3964)
~August 17, 1990 - January 27, 2006