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Panda was the "heart" dog. He's the one that no matter how many dogs you get, none can compare to him. He was a small boy, 77 lbs his average, 82 at his heaviest. While many smaller males try to make up for their size with aggression, Panda went the other direction. It couldn't even be called submissive — he was just "there".

Some folks talk of "alpha" dogs and "beta" dogs. Panda was the "omega", truly the bottom of the totem pole. At gatherings, he'd often be seen wandering around the outside of the pack — close-by, but never in striking range. He'd defer to other dogs, lying down for the smaller ones to mask his comparitively great size.

He had a penchant for blondes. Any golden retriever or yellow lab would whip this normally calm boy into a carbonated, pulling frenzy.

His story can be found here.