Nor-Ham's Quellen Panda Conn


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Panda came to us from Norma Hamilton. While we had already determined his name would be Panda long before we decided on a breed, the registered name was harder to come by. We were given the instruction that his name was to reflect the Swiss heritage of the breed, and that it must begin either Nor-Ham's Q or Nor-Ham Q, since his was the Q litter.

Since this was 1996 and the web, Berner-L, and Berner-Garde were still in their infancy, we didn't have resources to help us out. So we had several ideas, but kept getting stuck on making it Swiss. In absence of the Internet, we turned to our most trusted source of information — television.

Flipping through the channels one day, we struck upon Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous doing a profile on resorts in Switzerland. The first one on the list? The Quellenhof in Bad Ragaz. Bingo. We had our Q and our Swiss all wrapped up in one. We dropped the "hof" Oddly enough, 1996 marked the year of the Quellenhof's reopening after 22 months of extensive renovations.

In 2001, Molly Bass first used "Quellen" as her kennel name. Panda is not directly related to her kennel. We know Molly personally, and congratulate her on the great success she has had as a breeder and multi-ring handler.