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With Orca, we were befuddled. We had a host of endangered species that we've discussed over the years, and a handful of "other" names. But these names just didn't "stick". With the kennel name Bostwick set to be the beginning of the registered name, we started down the road for musicals. While Rocky Horror Picture Show would have been too obvious, nothing from Grease (outside of "Raining on Prom Night") seem to jump out at us. So we sought other musicals not starring Barry Bostwick.

After much debate, we decided to try "Und" on for size. Und, being the German word for "and", meant to signify that this would not be our last Berner together, but a continuation of the experience we were building on. It was inspired by the musical The Producers; the scene where Liebkind makes Bloom and Bialystock take the "sacred Seigfried Oath" in the song Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop. His registered name was to be Bostwick's Haben Sie Gehort, after another song from the same musical.

Needless to say, this was a failure. It met with "huh?" even from Adam's mother, who counts German among her native tongues.

While Orca was always in the mix as a call name, there wasn't a real push for it. No good registered name came to mind. Until...

Falling asleep on the couch next to the unnamed puppy, Adam came up with it. "Two Ps in a Pod"... when he explained it to Amy, there could be no other name. This is announcement sent out with the explanation...
Bostwick's Two Ps In A Pod

better known as "Orca". It looks like we have the geometric progression going. Pandas normally weigh 250 lbs... ours weighed 77 lbs. Bison weigh up to 2200 lbs... our weighs about 85. Orca weigh up to six tons. This one is on course for that weight! I'm estimating that Bison will be the smaller of the two by the time I enter Orca for his first show.

The Two Ps reference Panda and Pockets (our rescue Aussie). Laura Caprara got my foot in the door on this litter within one hour of Pockets being put down and we found out we were officially were getting "Fred" on the one year anniversary of Panda's death. Orcas travel in "pods", so the name just fits.

And his first toy was a squid, which is natural prey for these gorgeous mammals, the largest of the oceanic dolphins (Delphinidae).
The Ps also represent the two Ps in Purple — sort of a quick and dirty way of keeping Purple in the name.

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