Windfall's To A Thousand Places
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Digit breaks a lot of trends — he's our first dog not from a state that starts with M — but maintains a lot of tradition nonetheless. Our little Ohio-bred boy was born on "Pi Day" — 3/14/15 — which provided a very easy theme for the litter. Working around the "Pi" theme, Adam came up with the registered name of "To A Thousand Places", since a large brag in nerd circles is memorizing Π to that many digits. Attached to the front of that is the breeders' kennel name, Windfall.
Amy came up with the call name of Digit, which not only ties into the mathematical aspects of his name, but also keeps our endangered animal theme alive in our males (Panda, Bison, Orca precede). Digit was Dian Fossey's favorite Silverback gorilla. He was the sentry of study group 4, and when he was killed by poachers, Fossey created the Digit Fund to raise money for anti-poaching patrols. (The fund is now known as the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International)