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After 34 events in 2006 to end his conformation career and complete five titles (RA, RE, and AKC, UKC and CKC CDs), Bison had a low-key 2007. He particicpated in a grand total of 7 competitions, earning his HCT-s and a Best Altered in Show. He "rebounded" in 2008, participating in 19 events. He earned four legs towards his Rally Advanced Excellent title, competing only at specialties, and brought home the big prize with his Novice Draft Dog title as well as completing his 50th therapy visit to get the status of TDIA.

His goal for 2009 was to add at least three more titles, and it turned out to be his busiest year ever. In 35 events, he earned the URO1 from UKC early in the year and completed his RAE and ANDD titles in the same weekend. He's also re-entered the conformation ring as a veteran and enjoys hearing the applause again, and rediscovered the agility ring. He ended a busy year on a high note, completing the URO2 with all placements for a fourth title. All that and he appeared on Animal Planet's Dogs 101 and represented the breed and drafting at AKC's huge Meet the Breeds event in New York City.

Our hope for 2010 was to complete his NADAC Tunnelers title (if not several!), take a stab at completing the Canadian DD, and nibble on the final two UKC Rally titles, but to overall have a much more relaxed schedule! So far, he has earned the all three Novice Tunnelers titles (becoming the first in the breed to do so) as well as completed the URO3. He entered a competitive ring for the 200th time at the BMDCA Nationals in sweeps, and we celebrated with a little rules violation... Bison then came back to the AKC Obedience ring to earn his Beginner Novice title. So much for a "quiet" year — he completed 5 titles and competed 36 times, despite a May to September vacation followed missing several trials due to Lyme.

Bison finished his career with a bang on New Year's Day. He completed his NADAC Open Tunnelers title becoming the first male Berner to do that! He finished 1st in his class (ahead of Border Collies!) on 1/1/11.

In his career, Bison entered the ring 218 times in six different events (draft, conformation, rally, obedience, herding, agility) in seven different venues (AKC, UKC, CKC, AHBA, NADAC, IABCA, BMDCA) and enjoyed it all.

Here's his 2007 schedule and results:
  • Jan 20: Golden Valley, MN — Minn. Mixed Breed Club (UKC) — Novice C Obedience — 1st
  • Apr 21: Minneapolis, MN — NLAEDA (UKC) — Altered — Best Altered In Show
  • May 7: Brandenburg, KY — BMDCA National (AHBA) — Herding Capability Test — HCT-s
  • May 9: Louisville, KY — BMDCA National (BMDCA) — Novice Draft — NQ
  • May 9: Louisville, KY — BMDCA National (AKC) — Team Obedience (alternate) — 1st
  • May 12: Louisville, KY — BMDCA National (BMDCA) — Parade of Roses
  • June 16: Crystal, MN — BMDCA/BMDCGTC (BMDCA) — Novice Draft — NQ
  • Sept 22: Nashotah, WI — BMDCA/BMDCSEW (BMDCA) — Novice Draft — NQ